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Zoku Quick Lolly Maker

Get your creative juices freezing

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  • Make delectable ice lollies in just 7-9 minutes
  • Striped lollies, yoghurt lollies, add fresh fruit - get creative
  • No mains or batteries required
  • Sturdy base to prevent depressing in-freezer spillages
Everyone enjoys a refreshing ice lolly, but the Ice Cream Man is never around when you need him and they’re just so bleeding expensive. It would be pretty damn cool if you could make your own delectable ice lollies in just a matter of minutes. You can with the Zoku Quick Lolly Maker.

Simply place this stylish little gizmo in the freezer for 24 hours and it’s ready to use, wherever you like – no mains or batteries required. And with it’s sturdy design it isn’t going to get knocked over and leave you with a sad multicoloured freezer compartment.

Once frozen you are a mere 7-9 minutes away from enjoying your very own home-made ice delicacy. Just pop in a lolly stick, pour in your favourite drink and wait in eager anticipation as the lollies begin to set. Use the handy no-nonsense Super Tool to remove it from the mould and then get licking. Take your time now, savour the moment without fear of it melting all over you thanks to the helpful drip guard. You mucky pup.

Striped lollies, yoghurt lollies, you can even load them up with fresh fruit. They can be as healthy or indulgent as you like. Get experimental.

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