Zipit Blister Pack Opener
  • Zipit Blister Pack Opener

Zipit Blister Pack Opener

An end to wrap rage

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    No more hacking with scissors!

    No more dangerous hacking!

    Razor blades, scissors, bread knives, box cutters, hacksaws, screwdrivers, upper canines – these are just a few of the implements with which we’ve tried and failed to open plastic blister packs. But not any more because Zipit is here to save the day (and your sanity and fingers).

    Zipit is the world’s first and only motorised blister pack opener, and it slices through the seemingly impenetrable heat-sealed edges of clamshell packaging faster than you can yell ‘**** it, call an ambulance’.

    Safe and easy, the battery-powered Zipit is a bit like an electric can opener. Simply remove its plastic blade guard, press the button and guide it around the edges of your package. Job done. ‘Try and stop me from fiddling with my shiny new present, would you? Grrr, have some of that!’

    Removing the plastic blade guard Lining up the packaging Press the button to start cutting

    Remove the plastic blade guard

    Line up the packaging

    Press the button – hey presto!

    Cuts round corners too!

    Nifty round corners, plus cuts with the guard on too

    Just think, armed with this soon-to-be essential tool you can get at gadgets, toys and imprisoned pressies in an instant. But it’s not just for impatient gadgetmeisters. The Zipit is ideal for senior shoppers, arthritic gizmo fans and anyone who’s ever dropped to their knees in despair, having failed to eviscerate a particularly hateful plastic fortress (that’ll be everyone, then). Take it to a birthday party and you’ll be an instant hero.

    Requires 2x AA Batteries

    Requires 2x AA batteries
    (not included)

    After years of frustration and countless wrap rage-related injuries, we guarantee you’ll take enormous pleasure in Zipit-ing open clamshell packages. It’s worth buying just to punish that plastic for all those years of misery. All you need to do now is work out how to open Zipit’s packaging. (Only joking, it comes in a good old fashioned box).

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