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Zip Code Puzzles
  • Zip Code Puzzles

Zip Code Puzzles

We know where you live!

Please Note:
Each puzzle is made individually to your order, so please allow around 2-3 weeks for delivery. A house number, street name and zip code are required to customize your order - you will be asked for these details at our Checkout. This is only available for USA addresses.
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    Zip Code Puzzles

    Totally unique jigsaw of your local area

    Jigsaw enthusiasts are pretty nerdy, right? Maybe it's because jigsaws usually depict clichéd images of cutesy kittens, boring tourist attractions, fantasy vistas and Baywatch Barbie. (Surely you've got one?).

    Bottom line, it's the subject of the jigsaw that lets it down, not the puzzle itself. For this reason, your genre-reinventing friends at Firebox are proud to unveil what we believe to be the next generation of jigsaws.

    Zip Code Puzzles

    Write your own message on the box

    Zip Code Puzzles are totally unique, map-style jigsaws centered on a place of your choice. Simply send us the house number, street name and zip code of the area you'd like at the center of your puzzle - be it your own humble abode or a friend or relative's pad - and leave the rest to us. Before you can say 90210 we'll send you an amazingly absorbing, personalized puzzle featuring your chosen area.

    Zip Code Puzzles

    Your home is the house-shaped center piece of the puzzle!

    All 400 pieces are crafted in high-quality 1.5mm millboard - meaning they'll fit together beautifully like…well, like a jigsaw. You can even see main roads, water features, buildings and more, as each map extract is taken from the renowned US Geological Survey.

    Zip Code Puzzles

    Extreme close-up

    Zip Code Puzzles are guaranteed to reignite your interest in all things local, and because each completed puzzle measures a coffee table friendly 12.25"x18.5" you won't have to shift any furniture for floor-based assembly.

    Zip Code Puzzles

    The perfect moving-in gift!

    Packaged in a smart presentation box with a label that can be personalized, these ingenious jigsaws make great moving-in gifts for anyone who wants to get familiar with their new neighborhood. They're also perfect presents for best friends who are moving away or old timers who love reminiscing about the place they grew up. Sure, you could cut a map into itty bitty pieces and try gluing it back together but that would be stupid, especially seeing as you only have to hit the Buy button to own a Zip Code Puzzle. Just remember, we know where you live. Kind of.

    Return information:

    Due to the nature of this product, we are unable to offer our usual 30-day, no-quibble returns policy, if you later change your mind, or otherwise decide to return the product through no fault of Firebox. Click here for more info.

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