Zing Air Zip-Bak Launcher
  • Zing Air Zip-Bak Launcher

Zing Air Zip-Bak Launcher

Feared by the bad, loved by the good

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    Bow-arms pop open when the strings are pulled back!

    Bow arms open when ready to fire

    Robin Hood was known for being pretty nifty with a bow, but we’re betting his mum still banned him from playing with it in the house. Well now you can make like Sherwood’s favourite longstriding archer without having to troop off into the woods, thanks to the indoor-friendly Zing Air Zip-Bak Launcher.

    With an arsenal of soft foam projectiles and an astonishing range of up to 95 feet, the compact blue and green Zip-Bak Launcher is perfect for long-distance lobbing in the park or the occasional office-based ambush. Choose between one of the long range blunt-ended Rocketz or the smaller Zartz, with ultra-light “Stick-anywhere” foam suction cup tip. Green tights not included.

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