Zing Air Zing Shot Launcher
  • Zing Air Zing Shot Launcher

Zing Air Zing Shot Launcher

Make a menace of yourself

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    The humble slingshot has developed a reputation over the years as the weapon of choice for young troublemakers and cheeky scamps the world over. Which is terribly unfair. They’re just as much fun in the hands of more senior troublemakers and cheeky scamps who are old enough to know better.

    With this in mind, we’re pleased to bring you the Zing Air Zing Shot. With an arsenal of soft foam bullets and a range of up to forty-five feet this is ideal for long-distance lobbing in the park or the occasional office-based ambush. Whether you’re knocking down cans or just getting someone’s attention, with the Zing Shot in your back pocket you can relive your tearaway days without the usual clip ‘round the ear that followed.

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