Zing Air ZX Crossfire
  • Zing Air ZX Crossfire

Zing Air ZX Crossfire

Pop this on your head a second...

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    stick anywhere foam darts

    Fires "Stick-anywhere" Zartz

    William Tell... Chewbacca... History is littered with famous people who were pretty handy with a crossbow*. Now you can follow in their footsteps without breaking the household china, thanks to the Zing Air ZX Crossfire.

    With an arsenal of soft foam projectiles and a range of up to 55 feet, the Zing Air ZX Crossfire brings a new level of accuracy to living room skirmishes or the occasional office-based ambush. The Zartz ammo darts have ultra-light “Stick-anywhere” foam suction cup tips. Now, where did we put that apple...

    *Oh alright, technically Chewy fired a bowcaster, but he still looked magnificent doing it.

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