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Zero Gravity Wall Climber

    Zero Gravity Wall Climber

    The only way is up

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      As you can imagine, 'you cannot be serious!' is becoming a bit of a worn-out phrase here at Firebox Towers. But when our product scouts demonstrated the astounding Zero Gravity Wall Climber it was the only non-expletive-ridden sentence we could think of. That's because this gravity-defying R/C vehicle can actually drive up walls. No, really!

      Zero Gravity Wall Climber On first inspection Zero Gravity looks like a regular R/C Humvee, albeit a particularly mean and brutish one. But drive it towards a wall and this jaw-droppingly impressive vehicle will start to climb towards the ceiling. Unbelievable! You can even make Zero Gravity spin around on the spot.

      Zero Gravity Wall Climber So how does it work then? Well, Zero Gravity features an advanced Air Venturi suction system that works a bit like a vacuum cleaner. As the vehicle reaches a 45° incline, special fans automatically engage to create massive down-force that keeps Zero Gravity glued to the wall. Flexible skirts around the bottom of the chassis ensure the vacuum remains sealed. Clever, eh? You control the action via a stylish twin toggle transmitter and the vehicle itself is powered by a pre-installed rechargeable battery. Simply charge and go.

      Zero Gravity Wall Climber Once Zero Gravity is vertical you can drive it in any direction, and even exit the wall backwards. The fans stop as soon as you're back on terra firma, so you can drive around on the flat without inadvertently doing the hoovering at the same time. It really is unlike any other Humvee you've seen, and that includes that ridiculous stretch one Hugh Hefner owns.

      Zero Gravity Wall Climber Okay, so Zero Gravity isn't filled with Playmates, champagne and empty tubes of toupee glue, but it's seriously entertaining and guaranteed to flummox all who clap eyes on it. Best of all, this revolutionary R/C vehicle is totally unique and fully deserves its lofty position in the hallowed Pantheon of Ludicrous R/C Playthings. The only way is up!

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