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Zeo Sleep Coach
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Zeo Sleep Coach

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    Lady using the Zeo Sleep Coach

    Enjoy your Zzzzzzs

    Did you get a good night’s sleep? If you’re yawning your head off preparing to have a kip in the broom cupboard, the answer is probably no. But unless you’re a guinea pig in a sleep clinic it’s impossible to say for sure. That’s why you need the Zeo Sleep Coach, an amazing device that analyses your sleep patterns and helps you to improve those all-important visits to the land of nod.

    Simply pop on the Zeo’s super-comfy headband before you hit the sack and prepare to be amazed as its built-in sensor monitors the quantity, quality and depth of your slumber by tracking electrical signals from your brain. Z-tastic!

    Sleeping with Zeo headband on Checking data online Waking up refreshed

    Sleep with Zeo

    Monitor your sleep via online tools

    Wake up and feel the difference!

    This info is then beamed wirelessly to a sleek bedside display unit, so you can check out the amount of light, deep and REM sleep you achieve each night. It will also tell you how long you spent awake and how long it took you to doze off – a real eye-opener because details like that are impossible to remember. You can even set the Zeo’s SmartWake alarm clock to rouse you at your ‘natural waking point’, thus decreasing the grogginess you feel when waking from deep sleep. ‘Who? What? Napoleon! Put the cat out!’

    Buttons and controls

    Controls (L-R): Sleep info, Sleep history, Settings, Arrows, Alarm time, Clock time and Home/Snooze

    But wait, there’s more: all this info can then be uploaded (via an included SD card) to the Zeo Personal Coaching website. Here you’ll be given a personal sleep score (ZQ), countless tips on how to achieve the perfect night’s sleep, and a full ‘7 Step Sleep Fitness Program.’ It might sound like a load of self-improvement hokum but it really does work. You’ll be amazed by the difference it makes to your life and how much it…Oi, you haven’t nodded off again have you? Better wake up and maximise your Zs with a Zeo!

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