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  • Zenix


A real log jammer

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    Okay, we know what you're thinking: what on earth is Firebox, the finest purveyor of hi-tech gadgetry and cutting-edge innovation, doing selling a simple little wooden game? And no, before you ask, Zenix doesn't give you an electric shock, soar over 100ft or even glow in the dark. What it does do, however, is provide hours of wincingly addictive entertainment.

    Zenix Although it looks pretty complex, Zenix is actually quite a simple strategy game, but its one-more-go factor is practically off the scale. Basically, 2 or 3 players take turns placing coloured hexagonal logs onto a serrated wooden base. As the logs build up into a pyramid-type affair, the idea is to connect as many of your own pieces whilst cutting off your opponent's progress. You have to think ahead, though, or an opponent's chain will cut into yours.

    Think Connect 4 meets timeless wooden puzzler. In fact, despite sounding like an 80s videogame, Zenix could easily hail from any century this side of the Stone Age. It really does have that eternally playable quality.

    Zenix One of the great things about Zenix is that it looks a lot harder than it is, so it's brilliant for making like a brainbox in front of confused onlookers. And let's be honest, although cerebral games like chess and backgammon remain incredibly popular, they can be a bit complicated when all you fancy is a fifteen minute fix of brain-teasing fun.

    Zenix Believe it or not, this innocuous looking pile of coloured hexagonal logs is one of the most compelling games we've ever had the pleasure to play with. Indeed, if it weren't for the fact that we're so committed to you, our dedicated customers, Zenix would be responsible for a considerable drop in productivity here at Firebox Towers. Besides, someone's locked ours away in the drawer marked 'Dangerously Distracting. Hide From Staff'.

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