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Are you sitting comfortably? You will be!

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    Zen Loungers: The Conversion Lounger

    The Conversion Lounger:
    sit back and relax!

    Don't just sit around, lounge around in a supremely comfy lounger. These humungous beanbag-style seating systems are made from seriously durable weatherproof material, so you can lollop around indoors and outside.

    With a clever rear vent, your body gently pushes out air to create an amazingly comfortable mould. It's like sitting on a quilted sea of designer doughnuts! Full of beans and unbelievably stylish, they make regular chairs and sofas feel about as comfortable as bits of wood with thin material sewn on 'em. Hmmm...

    The Zen Lounger

    Zen Loungers

    Very feng shui!

    First up to tempt your backside is the Zen Lounger. Essentially a ginormous quilted beanbag, the Zen is said to enhance the feng shui of any interior, balcony, decking or garden environment. We don't know about that but it looks and feels incredible. Better still, it seats two. Ooh, missus!

    Zen Loungers

    Available in three colours (from L-R): Osaka, Sahara and Goa Temple

    The Conversion Lounger

    Next up there's the Conversion Lounger. This unique beanbag chair cleverly flips out to become a full body lounger. Ideal for chilling, sunbathing or simply slobbing out. You can even use it as a spare bed. It also folds away neatly, making it ideal for use in tight spaces.
    Zen Loungers: The Conversion Lounger

    The Conversion Lounger folded and unfolded

    Colour Swatches:

    Zen Loungers: The Conversion Lounger

    Super Nova

    Woven Earth

    Sand Storm

    The Studio Lounger

    Zen Loungers:The Conversion Lounger

    Chill out!

    Finally, sink your rear into the Studio Lounger. This sleek lounger has been designed around the natural seated curve of your body, making it perfect for slobbing out in front of the telly, gaming, reading or pretending you're chilling out at Buck Rogers' pad.

    Zen Loungers: The Studio Lounger

    The Studio Red Toro

    All three fantastically contemporary loungers feature a nifty carry handle so you can easily move them from room to room, or indoors to outside. They really do render old-style beanbags obsolete. We've got a few Zen's scattered around Firebox HQ and they're always occupied (it's a tough job etc...). In fact it's virtually impossible to ignore the bean-filled allure of a Zen/Studio/Conversion Lounger. So get ordering - if your backside could speak it would say 'thanks ever so'!

    Colour Swatches:

    Zen Loungers: The Studio Lounger


    Red Toro

    Silver Cloud

    Natural Harmony

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