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Zaggora HotPants

What pants!

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    Material reflects body heat
    aiding the breakdown of fat!

    Most weight loss products are total pants but Zaggora HotPants are the pants that really work. In fact they’re seriously hot stuff in the weight loss world because they can dramatically reduce the appearance of cellulite and help you to lose up to two jean sizes in two weeks. Ladies, all hail the pants.

    Super comfy, HotPants are cycling-style shorts that can be worn indoors or out, on their own or under clothes. The idea is to wear them whenever you exercise – about 30 minutes a day should suffice. Clever ‘bio-ceramic’ technology causes the HotPants to reflect body heat, increasing perspiration by up to 80% and promoting deeper warming of tissue and the breakdown of fat cells. The harder you work, the more effective the HotPants – and no, wearing them on the sofa doesn’t count.

    activity diagram

    Wear them whilst doing exercise...

    activity diagrams

    ...the house work...

    activity diagrams

    ...and going about your day!

    Persevere with HotPants and the perennial ‘Does my bum look big in this?’ question will soon be rendered obsolete. What’s more, pesky cellulite will be dealt a seriously hot blow. Looking good? It’s all about the pants!

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