ZAGGfolio for iPad 3
  • ZAGGfolio for iPad 3

ZAGGfolio for iPad 3

The curious case of Bluetooth Buttons

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    iPad portrait

    Stand your iPad in
    portrait or landscape

    Harp on all you like about the iPad 3’s amazing virtual keyboard but it’s nowhere near as user friendly as a physical keyboard. We’re forever getting our muds wordled whilst tip-tapping away. But not anymore, because we’ve got our mitts on the ZAGGfolio for iPad 3.

    Crafted in tough carbon fibre, with a durable microfibre lining, this sleek case has an on-board Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard – so you can type away laptop-styley whenever you fancy. There are even shortcut keys specifically for the iPad 3.

    Just prop your iPad 2 on the ZAGGfolio’s integral hinge (portrait or landscape) and you’re good to go. The Bluetooth keyboard will connect in a matter of seconds and with normal use the rechargeable battery will last for weeks! Since it’s all wireless, you can even remove the keyboard and use it with the iPad 3 still propped up in the case.

    detail of exterior of case

    Buttons and ports are still accessible

    keyboard removed from case

    Wireless keyboard can be
    removed from the case

    detail of keys

    Island keys featuring handy shortcuts

    With all this seamless functionality aided by a super slim design, the ZAGGFolio will ensure you get the most out of your iPad 3. So stop making spulling mistooks with all that touchscreen tinkling and get down and QWERTY!

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