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ZAGGFlex Bluetooth iPad Keyboard
  • ZAGGFlex Bluetooth iPad Keyboard

ZAGGFlex Bluetooth iPad Keyboard

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    Compatible with iOS and
    Android devices

    High-tech touchscreens are great fun, but typing on them can be a real faff compared to a physical keyboard. So the next time you need to write more than a couple of words, spare your sausage fingers and connect your gadget to the ZAGGFlex.

    Designed for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Galaxy Tab, Android devices and even some smartphones, this super slim Bluetooth keyboard makes knocking out emails and typing at speed a doddle.


    Enhances the convenience and function of portable devices

    Just connect your gadget, pop it in the separate stand and type away on the keyboard. With normal use the lithium polymer battery should last you months between charges. And when you’re finished for the day, the stand doubles as a handy keyboard cover. Ingenious!

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