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Z3 iPad Stand
  • Z3 iPad Stand

Z3 iPad Stand

Look, Ma, no hands!

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    Use your iPad in portrait or landscape

    Versatile, lightweight, portable and stylish. The iPad is a great many things (see what we did there?). But despite the vast number of ways you can use it, this snazzy tablet is still prone to the same laws of gravity as everything else. Which means it’s still tricky to use when you’re standing or your hands are occupied.

    That’s where the equally versatile, lightweight, portable and stylish Z3 iPad Stand comes in. With heights ranging from 40cm to 137cm, this telescopic stand can be used absolutely anywhere, from your bedside to the boardroom. Clipped into the secure cradle, your Apple gadget can be rotated a full 360 degrees, for portrait or landscape use. Combined with 2 pivot points (one at the base, one at the neck of the cradle) your iPad can be moved into almost any position.

    important meeting

    Perfect for business presentations

    Unclip your iPad in an instant (or leave it in) and the whole frame can be collapsed in three moves for easy transport or storage. Made from anodised aluminium it’s extremely lightweight, but complements the sleek looks of your tablet perfectly.

    So whether you’re speaking to a huge audience or simply following a recipe in the kitchen; the Z3 ensures your hands are free to make all the gestures you need.

    Other ways to use the Z3 iPad Stand:
    popcorn in bed

    Watching movies in bed

    cooking recipe

    A useful stand for your recipe app

    baby amusement

    Keeping the little nipper amused

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