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Yurakoro Lucky Cats

You should be so lucky!

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    Meows, chimes and talks
    when you wobble it

    Putting an egg-shaped kitten on your desk makes about as much sense as putting a lemonade palm tree in your cornflakes. But we stopped worrying about things making sense years ago. That’s why we’re totally smitten by Yurakoro Lucky Cats.

    A desktop craze in the making, these impossibly hip electronic moggies are based on the traditional ‘Maneki Neko’ – literally ‘Beckoning Cat’ - feline charms you see in oriental restaurants and businesses across the globe. The difference is Yurakoro (meaning ‘rock ‘n’ roll’) make random noises when you nudge them, pick them up or ‘pet’ them. Think of them as high tech Weebles (get Googling, kids) with a twist.


    White cat is said to bring happiness

    And what of the aforementioned noises? Well, each roly-poly cat is preloaded with seven sounds, from adorable meows and cat bells, to shrine bells and traditional festival music. It’s like being in some cartoony Kyoto cattery minus the fur and wee-wee smell. Put a Yurakoro in your palm and it will even speak to you (albeit in Japanese).

    Just like the ubiquitous Japanese figurines upon which they are based, each cute and colourful Yurakoro Lucky Cat is said to bring good fortune to its owner. In this case the two white cats are said to bring happiness while the black cat protects against bad luck (it says here). We’re not sure about that, but we guarantee these sweet little kitties will raise a smile every time you touch them. Turning Japanese? Absolutely.


    Black cat is said to protect
    against bad luck

    Brilliant curios for fans of ultra cool collectables, these wibbly-wobbly cats make great pressies for any occasion. Resistance really is futile. Talking cats with a hint of manga cool…what’s not to love? Just be thankful we’ve shortened the name because ‘Yurakoro Tamago Shofuku Maneki Neko’ translates to ‘egg-style rock ‘n’ roll doll lucky cat’. Catchy. Not.

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