YuYu Hot Water Bottle
  • YuYu Hot Water Bottle
  • YuYu Hot Water Bottle
  • YuYu Hot Water Bottle

YuYu Hot Water Bottle

Size Matters

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  • A snuggly hot water bottle that wraps around you
  • The World's First Long-Hot-Water-Bottle
  • One hella' spectacularly innovative design for chilly nights
  • Will bring you a whole 6-8 hours of toasty euphoria


Perhaps the cosiest invention in the history of the universe; the super snuggly YuYu Hot Water Bottle is really one of a kind - in that it's the first lengthy hot water bottle in world.

Thanks to its mesmerising length, this luxuriously soft bottle can be wrapped around your shoulders, tummy and/or neck for the ultimate snuggle factor - turning you into a human toastie.

Not only does this slinky hot water bottle supreme keep your entire body warm, it's also crafted from plush material, meaning it's the softest of the soft of the soft.

What's more, this toasty companion stays gloriously warm for up to 8 hours, so even the heftiest of Chrimbo TV binges are no match for this lean mean snuggle machine.

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9 Reviews

Average 5/5 stars
  • "Girlfriend says it's an amazing gift, uses it around her shoulders and loves it!!"
    Steven - 26th of January, 2017
  • "I got this for Mum and she loves it. She likes to wear it around her shoulders under her coat and sit outside in the garden in the evening."
    Jojo - 2nd of June, 2016
  • "Best gift I've bought. It really stays warm and being able to tie it around you in different ways is amazing."
    Daisie - 12th of March, 2016
  • "Best Hot Water Bottle Ever! Just a bit smaller than it looks in the picture."
    Amanda - 21st of January, 2016
  • "Thanks baby I don't need you to keep me warm now! Damn you firebox for your brilliant presents."
    Roy - 5th of January, 2016