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Your Sh*tty Family

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  • Bad attempts at slang, misunderstandings, oversharing, and more!
  • 160 pages of awkward text conversations
  • Brought to you buy the creators of Tinder Nightmares
  • Enjoy all the misery a family brings, without spending time with them
What began as a cult Instagram account reposting awkward texts and Whatsapps from family members, has now been compiled into one excruciating volume – Your Sh*tty Family.

Divided into categories including and 'Sh*tty Siblings' and 'The Dreaded Groupchat' – this hilarious book is filled with human truths, misunderstandings, parental piss-taking, oversharing, and some very poor attempts at slang.

It's incredibly re-assuring and cathartic to discover that everyone else's families are as shitty as your own.

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