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You Frame Photos to Canvas Kit
  • You Frame Photos to Canvas Kit

You Frame Photos to Canvas Kit

Your face on the box

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    Printing photo onto paper

    Print photo onto the canvas paper

    Digital cameras are now just as vital at social events as clean socks and pants. But it does mean that our collections of snaps are getting bigger by the week. Where do you keep them all? Hidden away on a memory card? Pasted into a stuffy album? Or worse, plastered all over social networks like MyFace, Twitbucket and Bebook?

    While it’s nice to browse through pics on a PC, the drift from film to digital has meant that our homes are now sadly lacking in photos on show. Well the You Frame Photos to Canvas Kit is set to remedy that.

    Building the canvas:

    Placing frame on paper Cut and fold the paper clipping the frame together

    Remove tape and place frame on the canvas paper

    Cut and fold (Adult supervision)

    Clip frame sides together

    Holding the finished canvas

    Ready for the lounge wall!

    Using your home PC and a standard inkjet printer, this ingenious DIY kit lets you turn your digital photos into vibrant box-framed canvas prints. Just follow the step-by-step guide and you can turn your holiday snaps, family photos, or party pics into a lasting memento for your home. The framed canvases can be hung on a wall, or just as easily stand on a sideboard, desk or mantelpiece.

    The You Frame Photos to Canvas Kit makes a great gift in itself; but why not buy one and put together a personalised print for someone you love?

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