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You Frame Kids Canvas Factory Kit
  • You Frame Kids Canvas Factory Kit

You Frame Kids Canvas Factory Kit

Better than sticking it to the fridge

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    Close up of canvas

    Don't waste your child's talent
    on a fridge!

    Is your child a budding Rembrandt? A potential Picasso? Or do they just go blissfully quiet when you give them a pack of crayons? Either way, set your little nipper a-doodling and immortalise their colourful creations with the You Frame Kids Canvas Factory Kit.

    This easy do-it-yourself kit comes with a single plastic frame. Once your young one has finished their masterpiece, just follow the simple instructions and you can turn it into a dynamic box-framed canvas in no time.

    Building the canvas:
    Placing frame on paper Cut and fold the paper clipping the frame together

    Remove tape and place frame on the canvas paper

    Cut and fold (Adult supervision)

    Clip frame sides together

    The finished framed canvas can be mounted to a wall or stand all on its own. The perfect way to personalise bedrooms, playrooms or living rooms; or a great gift for distant relatives.

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