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Yoshi Egg Mug
  • Yoshi Egg Mug
  • Yoshi Egg Mug
  • Yoshi Egg Mug
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Yoshi Egg Mug

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Yoshi Egg Mug
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Ever drunk out of a dinosaur's egg?
  • Not even sure Yoshi is a dinosaur, on second thought
  • Official Nintendo merch, obvs
  • Made of sturdy ceramic
  • Actual Yoshi not included


Ooh, a Yoshi egg! Will yours contain a baby Yoshi or an item? Neither - just tea or coffee, sadly. Sorry. There actually used to be a Yoshi inside this egg but he said had to go and act as an amphibian steed for some Italian plumber guy or something, so we let him go. And kept his egg to sell to you. Naturally.

Pop the kettle on and fill this Yoshi egg up with any beverage of your choice. We don’t need to tell you how to make yourself a drink, you know the drill. Just put your feet up and get your Mario on while you wait for your tea to cool.

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