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Ultra-cute travel pillow for kids

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    Child using the yondi in a car seat

    Who needs the "Spot the horse first" game!

    Travelling with kids is bliss…as long as they are asleep. Trouble is the fidgety little blighters can never seem to get comfy, and even when they do drop off you can never really relax because their ikkle heads keep slumping forwards and lolling around. Step forward (with an incredibly squidgy ‘aaah’) the brilliant Yondi.

    Showing the posture the Yondi corrects and makes comfortable
    Essentially a cutesy travel pillow for little ones, this super-comfy head hugger/chin rest is set to become an essential bit of kit for anyone with kids aged 1 to 8. It’s brilliant in planes, trains and automobiles, and you’ll grow to love it as much as kids because it keeps them in the land of nod, leaving you to concentrate on getting from A to B without too many tears or tantrums.

    The magnetic chin rest

    Magnetic legs/neck rest

    Designed by the people behind the multi award-winning Trunki ride-on suitcase, the contoured Yondi fits behind the head, whilst its neck-hugging paws connect underneath the chin using ingenious magnets, keeping your tot in a comfortable sleep. Yondi is even double-sided for winter and summer use. It’s also impossibly cute, and that means kids will want to take it with them wherever you may roam.

    Just think, no more squishing up teddy or emergency folding of blankets. Yondi provides total head support as your little angel dreams about ice cream, sandcastles and snuggling up to Truly Scrumptious off Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. Or was that just us?

    The USP's of the Yondi

    There are two sizes to choose from: small for ages 1 to 4 and medium for ages 4 to 8. There’s even talk of a forthcoming big spotty pink one for weary executives. Actually there isn’t, but all this Yondi business is making us wish we were carefree toddlers all over again. Zzzzzzzzzzzz!

    The different sizes and colours available

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