Yoga for Beginners Kit
  • Yoga for Beginners Kit

Yoga for Beginners Kit

Learn to be more flexible

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    By now you’ll have noticed that yoga fad from the 1980s hasn’t gone away. In fact, if anything it has grown a bit. Why? Well, because it’s actually a very healthy way to work out; and not just for the lipstick and leotard brigade. Human beings of all ages, genders and levels of fitness are now enjoying this incredible way to stay fit, flexible and happy. So why not join them?


    The perfect all-in-one kit for practicing at home

    The Yoga for Beginners Kit gives you everything you need to start learning. A soft mat gives you a lightweight, portable place to practice anywhere. The yoga brick gives you a stable place to lean on, while you hone your technique. And the yoga strap helps to lengthen and align your various stretches. But if this is all sounding like too much gibberish, don’t worry. The included DVD will take you step by step through using the equipment to a complete daily workout. With this complete kit, you’ll be up and crabbing in no time.

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