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Yoga Paws Elite
  • Yoga Paws Elite

Yoga Paws Elite

Strike a pose

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    The urge to break into a yoga pose can strike at any time. But thanks to Yoga Paws Elite you can be ready. Just carry these padded gloves and foot pads in your bag, pocket or purse. When you fancy throwing a couple of shapes, just pop them on and you’re good to go. Yoga mat? What’s that?

    Designed for maximum comfort and support, they’re suitable for yoga fans of all levels. The textured surface provides outstanding grip, for peace of mind on slippery or uneven surfaces.


    Gloves (Midnight Blue)


    Shoes (Forest Green)


    Making it easier for you to practise Yoga anywhere

    We’ll leave the location scouting to you, but the point is; the equipment’s there if you need it. Indeed, armed with these handy pads you can squeeze some yoga practice into even the busiest day. And all without having to carry a bazooka-shaped bag mat everywhere you go.

    Slip them on and even if you don’t progress beyond the Plank, you’ll still look like a seasoned pro. And who’s going to ask questions when you’re wearing padded sandpaper gloves? For confidence, convenience and the look of a yogic kickboxer, Yoga Paws Elite are the accessories for you.

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