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Yeezus Juice
  • Yeezus Juice

Yeezus Juice

Kanye feel the buzz?

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  • A little Kanye-fidence goes a long way
  • Get your ego seriously swole
  • Become your own biggest fan with a sip on this sizzurp
  • Why swallow your pride when you can swallow this?
  • You’re Bound 2 love the taste


Is your self esteem down in the dumpsies? Perhaps it’s time to give your morale the flavourful recharge it deserves. Unleash the egotistical beast within - amping your arrogance has never been so yeezy peasy.

Yeezus Juice comes in packs of six, so you can drink a boost for breakfast, and some more for dessert - believe in your flyness and conquer your shyness with every course. Finally the man you love to hate is now the beverage you love to drink. After testing this groundbreaking citrus energy blend ourselves we can confirm that this sh*t is undeniably cray - it boasts a motherfu*king monster kick. So what are you waiting for? Not really one for vanity? How could you be so heartless?! Drink up! Slurp away your self-awareness and give your loved ones the present of your presence.

Your confidence is about to touch the sky. After all, no one loves Kanye like Kanye loves Kanye. Want in on this narcissistic buzz? Tear into a can of the most conceited energy supplement on the planet - giving a whole new meaning to attitude in a can.

Throw humility, modesty and goodwill to the wind. Pound down a double shot of Yeezus Juice and before you know it you’ll be igniting controversies everywhere you go. You’ll be so credible and so influential and so relevant that you can, and will, change things.

Yeezus Juice packs a slightly bitter punch but you’ll be too busy being the voice of a generation to notice that.

Serving suggestions:
    The dry, acerbic nature of Yeezus Juice means it’s best paired with either fish sticks or delayed croissants.

    You may find yourself:
    • Interrupting paramount moments in people’s lives
    • Developing a God complex
    • Interning for Fendi
    • Not giving a f*ck what the president has to say
    • Wanting prenup

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