Yard of Ale Glass

    Yard of Ale Glass

    Open up and say glug!

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      Yes, we know these shapely vessels are frequently associated with rugby-playing nice-but-dims who love to bray on about the time they pulled their pants down in the uni bar, but don't let the behaviour of a few gammon-armed twits put you off, because the Yard of Ale Glass remains popular for a very good reason.

      Put simply, this glorious glass of doom/triumph is hilariously entertaining in any party scenario, as attempting to down its contents is utterly irresistible!

      Yard of Ale Glass What's more, the unique shape of the Yard of Ale Glass actually dates back to the days of horses and highwaymen; the long necked glass could be handed up to carriage drivers whilst they sat atop their horse-drawn vehicles - no dismount required! And whilst we're busy attempting to intellectualise this paragon of partying, it's worth remembering that a young Bob Hawke got into the Guinness Book of Records for draining a yard glass in 12 seconds. And he went on to become the Prime Minister. Of Australia.

      Yard of Ale Glass This beautifully-crafted specimen is not one of your cheapo, party shop jobs. On the contrary, our Yard of Ale Glass is a handcrafted piece of high-quality glassware that you'll want to crack out at every single soiree (except perhaps your Great Auntie Mabel's wake). Indeed, it's so pleasing to the eye you might want to keep it on display permanently.

      Best of all, unlike inferior imitations, this particular Yard of Ale Glass holds almost three pints and is one yard in length. Which obviously sounds about right, until we tell you that many so-called yard of ale glasses are actually much shorter and narrower, and therefore less capacious. Something you might like to point out to Tarquin de Shandyponce next time he's bragging about his glugging capabilities.

      Yard of Ale Glass We've yet to better Mr Hawke's impressive time, although we hear the knack is to begin twisting the glass once you get down to the bulb-section. Technique aside, the Yard of Ale Glass is an essential piece of kit for any lager lover, ale aficionado or Fanta fan (well, you never know!) who enjoys ye olde traditional drinking games. And seeing as you're still reading this, that means you. Cheers!

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