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Xsight Touch Universal Remote
  • Xsight Touch Universal Remote

Xsight Touch Universal Remote

All for one

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    oohhh... touchscreen!

    If you find the prospect of using a universal remote roughly on a par with piloting a space shuttle, then the Xsight Touch Universal Remote is for you.

    Put simply, this is the most straightforward universal remote we’ve ever seen. The integrated touchscreen gives you effortless control over all of the remote’s functions and lets you flick to the one you want in a flash. What’s more, you can even personalise the display with your own channel lists and logos.

    The Xsight Touch will control up to 18 separate Infra-Red devices (if you have that many), and can even adjust more than one device at once using its Activity Control function. That’s what we call multi-tasking!

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