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Xploderz X Ranger 1075
  • Xploderz X Ranger 1075

Xploderz X Ranger 1075

I have you in my sights

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    It’s true – without a stockpile of squidgy projectiles here in the Firebox Octagon, we’d have no idea how to express ourselves. So you can imagine the giddy hoots that broke out when we discovered Xploderz – an entirely new way of having good, clean fun... with a very big gun.


    This mammoth rifle will keep your enemies at bay! Seriously, no one will come close to you!

    Armed with Xploderz hydro rounds (squidgy balls of gel) the Xploderz X Ranger 1075 has a maximum range of up to three miles. Ok, perhaps not three miles – it’s more like 85 feet. But even so, that’s far enough to give your targets a proper jelly-shelling before you have to break cover and run for it!

    Because the gel in the hydro rounds is water-based, they’re safe to use, non-toxic and leave no mess behind. When they hit their target they simply shatter – leaving soft, harmless fragments behind. Just pull back the power arm to load the Ranger’s chamber; then release it to fire!

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