Xploderz X Blaster 75
  • Xploderz X Blaster 75

Xploderz X Blaster 75

A whole new way to stay hydrated

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    Ready, aim... FIRE!

    Here in the Firebox Octagon, fights can break out at the drop of a hat. But it’s not because we’re a stroppy lot – we just like pelting each other with spongy objects. Honestly, what better way to say good morning than with a balled-up sock to the noggin? And how else would you nominate someone for a tea run without the Foam Dart of Destiny?

    It’s true, without a stockpile of squidgy projectiles we’d have no idea how to express ourselves. So you can imagine the giddy hoots that broke out when we discovered Xploderz – an entirely new way of having good, clean fun... with a gun.

    The Xploderz Blaster 75 is the lightest weapon in the range, making it great for quick skirmishes (and running away afterwards). The handy pistol fires Xploderz ammo up to 50 feet – simply pull back the power arm to load the chamber; then release it to fire!

    Xploderz weapons fire a specially-developed “hydro-round”. Unlike paintballs, these squashy balls are filled with a water-based gel. So they’re safe to use, non-toxic and leave no mess. When they hit their target they simply shatter – leaving soft, harmless fragments behind.

    Now, who’s going to make the tea...

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