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Xia Xia Crabs
  • Xia Xia Crabs

Xia Xia Crabs

Cute crustaceans

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    Cuteness ahoy! From the makers of last Christmas’ must-have toys, Zhu Zhu Pets, Xia Xia Crabs are all set to take the world by storm. Unlike their furry cousins, these colourful critters have hard shells and an altogether more cartoony persona that’s bound to appeal to your own little sea monkeys.

    All four crabs

    Four colourful characters to collect (l-r): Trinidad, Tobago, Turks and Bimini

    Each of these cute crustaceans (also known as Trinidad, Tobago, Turks and Bimini) has an interchangeable shell. Collect them all and swap and change them to personalise your Xia Xia collection. But there’s more! Each shell contains a mystery friend, hidden inside. What are they doing in there? We’ve no idea! But they obviously like being carried around by these happy sea beasties.

    Just give the Xia Xia Crabs’ claws a squeeze and they’ll set off on their merry journey exploring your home. Delicious! Erm, we mean ‘aaaaaah’.

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