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XCO Trainer

Boost your running performance

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    Tone up your upper body while jogging for an all round workout

    If you’re setting out on a run – or even running on a treadmill – make sure you’ve got an XCO Trainer in each hand. Because just lugging these specially-designed aluminium tubes will help you to burn up to 33% more calories than a regular run.

    The sealed tubes contain a mystery granular substance. Is it the Colonel’s secret recipe of herbs and spices? Is it the unknown ingredient in Coca-Cola? We just don’t know. But it works a treat in these weatherproof, anodized rods – providing a perfect oscillating mass as you run. Wait... an osci-what?!

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    Perfect for any workout

    In simple terms, it means that as you swing your arm forward the grains in the tube go belting towards the farthest end. This adds a bit of extra momentum to your swing, which you pull against when you start to swing your arm back. Likewise, when your arm swings back, the grains go belting in the other direction and have the same effect on your forward swing. This way, as you run, your arms experience a lot more resistance as they propel you along. Make sense? Good. Because not only is it great for your arms and shoulders, it gets everything else working harder as well.

    Since the amount of resistance depends on how hard you can pump your arms back and forth, anyone can use the XCO Trainer, from experienced distance runners, to sprinters, to complete novices. So what are you waiting for? Jog on!

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