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    Catch me if you can

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      Throwing things around for the sake of it is really rather daft. But try telling that to anyone who's seen X-zyLo in action. Because this strange looking thingamajig is capable of flying over 600ft. You heard, 600ft! That's almost double the length of a football pitch. Unbelievable, eh?

      Of course we haven't managed to throw it quite that far yet, but the boffins behind this incredible flying gyroscope assure us it has been done. And we believe 'em, because in terms of sheer distance, X-zyLo makes all other throwing thingies look about as air-worthy as soggy paper aeroplanes.

      Indeed X-zyLo unofficially broke the world flying disc distance record when it was thrown 655ft. And that's all the more impressive when you consider that no consensus has been reached on how X-zyLo actually flies. The eggheads over at the Firebox Research Facility tried to explain that it's got something to do with angular momentum, but we got bored listening to them and went outside to play.

      One thing everyone does agree on is that X-zyLo is the most entertaining flying object to hit the park in years. Throwing this lightweight (25g) cylinder to and fro really does represent the ultimate game of catch - you'll be utterly gobsmacked by the distances you can achieve.

      In order to attain maximum distance you're supposed to throw X-zyLo like an American Football, but you can also chuck it underarm, sidearm or discus-styley. We've even seen X-zyLo thrown girlie-style and it still out flies the competition.

      Whichever technique you favour we guarantee onlookers will be clamouring to find out where you purchased this amazing little gizmo (Firebox, obviously). Indeed, every time we go X-zyLo-ing in the park, people double-take when they see just how far it travels. But don't take our word for it - order yours pronto then chuck it and see!

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