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      The most annoying thing about UFO sightings is that they're usually reported by redneck gas pump attendants who you wouldn't trust to fill up your car, let alone tell you a story. And why are the UFOs in question always 'kinda seegar shaped' with 'itty bitty rowsa-lights'? Probably because said spotters have just made the whole thing up in a futile attempt to flog a Polaroid of a hubcap dangling from a fishing line to the local rag, to pay for a new set of dungarees and some banjo lessons.

      X-UFO Call us cynical, but we were getting mighty tired of this whole UFO business. But then the jaw-dropping X-UFO floated into Hangar Firebox and we were smitten all over again. This groundbreaking flying, er, thingy, is a truly innovative triumph of technological ingenuity, and it's guaranteed to have onlookers calling the MOD hotline, as it is unlike any other R/C vehicle ever to grace the skies.

      X-UFO A stabilising gyroscope and four independent rotors are suspended on an ultra-light, yet durable carbon-fibre frame, giving the X-UFO astounding manoeuvrability, both indoors and out. You control the action with a 4-channel digital proportional transmitter that can operate the rechargeable X-UFO from up to 100 metres away - perfect for causing Orson Welles-style 'the Martians are coming' pandemonium.

      X-UFO Once you get to grips with the controls you'll be able to make the X-UFO go left, right, up, down, forwards, backwards - it can even hover in a stationary position. Eerily alien it may be, but there's no room for extraterrestrials onboard as the centre of the craft houses a seriously hi-tech receiver and an advanced gyroscope to ensure inflight stability. This mysterious machine also boasts powerful coloured LEDs for psychedelic night flights.


      You won't start sculpting mountains out of mashed potatoes or humming 'duh, ner, ner, nuh, ner' in the shower non-stop, but the X-UFO will take over your life, as it delivers close encounters of the fun kind each and every time it takes to the skies. Cosmic!

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