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X-Twin Pro
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X-Twin Pro

Fasten your seatbelts

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    Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pilot a stunt plane? To loop-the-loop, dive, swoop, soar and perform dizzying barrel rolls? No, us neither. But that's because we don't need to wonder, we've got the incredible X-Twin Acrobat Pro.

    X-Twin Pro

    Channel A - Red

    Channel B - Blue

    Channel C - Purple

    X-Twin Pro

    Remote control

    This spectacularly manoeuvrable 3-channel RC plane features two individually controlled wing-mounted props and a powered elevation tail aileron - pretty techy stuff but it means the X-Twin Pro can execute outrageous aerobatics, runway takeoffs and even land like a real plane. Awesome!

    X-Twin Pro

    Chocks away!

    You control the twisty-turny action via a nifty transmitter/charger that provides proportional steering using differential thrust across both motors, as well as elevator and motor control. Yes, we know that sounds a bit complex but you'll be glad of it when you're attempting to loop-the-loop or corkscrew through the sky at full pelt. Weeeeee!

    X-Twin Pro

    Swoop, loop-the-loop and dive

    X-Twin Pro

    Charging point & On/Off

    Speaking of madcap stunts, the rechargeable X-Twin Acrobat Pro really does need to be seen to be disbelieved as it can pull of some truly breathtaking moves. Of course you need to put in the practice but don't worry if you bite terra firma a few times as this sturdy plane is constructed from impact resistant foam. (Why they don't make real planes out of this stuff is beyond us).

    A twenty minute charge gives around ten minutes flight time. And because there a three frequencies to choose from, three planes can fly together for a bit of Red Arrows-style formation flying. You can even put on your own airshow.

    X-Twin Pro


    Perfect for thrill-seeking RC pilots looking to step up a level, the X-Twin Acrobat Pro is the best reason for standing around in a field and gawping skywards since the eclipse. The difference is that was utter rubbish and the X-Twin is completely brilliant. So hurry up hit buy - it's enough to make you queasy!

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