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X-Twin Bi-Plane
  • X-Twin Bi-Plane

X-Twin Bi-Plane

Flying lessons? Nah!

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The X-Twin is available in two channels (27mhz A and 27mhz B) , so you can fly two at once!


    X-Twin Bi-Plane You used to need lessons, licenses, a huge field and a nerdy anorak to enjoy flying RC planes. But not any more, because the brilliant little X-Twin Bi-Plane is so easy to fly even rubbish pilots will be able to pull off Immelman turns, Split-Ss, wingovers, tailslides and barrel rolls - well not really but with a little practice you will be executing graceful figures of eight and swooping turns in the comfort of your own living room.

    Weighing in at a mere 20 grams with a wingspan of less than 9", the ultra-light X-Twin is made of tough EPP foam, enabling it to withstand all manner of crashes and collisions, so there's no need to reach for the superglue every time your lack of piloting prowess results in a nasty wipeout.

    X-Twin Bi-Plane

    Smart aerodynamics and powerful wing-mounted motors make this magnificent rechargeable flying machine incredibly manoeuvrable. In fact, the X-Twin is so nimble it can even be flown indoors! Yes, indoors! Try doing that with one of your petrol-driven behemoths of yesteryear. (Actually, don''ll wreck the place).

    X-Twin Bi-Plane You control the X-Twin via a smart handheld transmitter which also doubles up as a charging unit. And you won't spend all day fiddling with your rudder because a 30 minute charge gives flight times of up to 15 minutes - more than enough time to dive-bomb the coffee machine, loop-the-loop above the boss's desk and soar across the IT department (or is it just us that wastes time at work?).

    X-Twin Bi-Plane

    X-Twin Bi-Plane Best of all the ready-to-fly, fully adjustable X-Twin is available in two frequencies, so you can take to the skies alongside a fellow flyer and engage in acrobatic dogfights. We guarantee you'll be making stupid plane noises the second your X-Twin starts tailing the enemy. Nee-urrgh...atatatata!

    X-Twin Bi-Plane If you've never piloted an RC plane, the take-anywhere X-Twin represents an ideal introduction to model flying. But even if you're a self-appointed expert, this nifty little aircraft is sure to amaze, as it's so darned simple to fly. So what are you hanging about for? Get ordering before the skies become overrun by X-Twins.

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