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X Matrix Labyrinth Puzzles
  • X Matrix Labyrinth Puzzles

X Matrix Labyrinth Puzzles

Punish your pathetic brain

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    XMatrix Labyrinth Puzzles

    You won't be able to put it down!

    We see loads of ball-in-a-maze puzzles on our travels, but few possess the style, quality, visual impact and insane addictiveness of XMatrix Labyrinth Puzzles. Your brain will be wimpering for mercy within seconds. Aargh!

    Cliché connoisseurs will be pleased to know these gorgeously crafted 3D brain teasers are not as easy as they look. The challenge is to guide a titchy ball through the gold frame into the opposite silver frame and back again by tilting the luxe puzzle. Do it in thirty minutes and we’ll be pretty impressed. Do it in five and we’ll be calling Stephen Hawking to tell him there’s a new genius in town.

    Quadrus (Gold) Quadrus (Blue) Cubus (Gold) Cubus (Blue)

    Quadrus (Gold)

    Quadrus (Blue)

    Cubus (Gold)

    Cubus (Blue)

    XMatrix Labyrinth Puzzles

    Guide the ball through the 3D Maze

    Available in two bafflingly brilliant versions, Quadrus and Cubus, XMatrix Puzzles are said to challenge spatial awareness, memory and manual dexterity. Bad news for us, because even if we could remember where we left the aspirins, we doubt we could get the lid off.

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