X-24 Powerboard

    X-24 Powerboard

    Skateboards? Pah! Real men use Powerboards

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      Mock teenage skate casualties with this powered version of that adolescent standby, the skateboard. While they creep along desperate to find even the slightest incline to propel themselves down, youÂ’ll be far too busy getting your teeth rattled from their roots to notice, as you power along at a breakneck 22Mph, powered by a 24-volt motor.

      The Powerboard has its own wireless Scalextric-style hand controller that controls your velocity. The motor will do 22Mph in both directions, so if you want a real challenge you can always try top speed backwards, although you can expect to be seeing a lot of the staff at your local casualty department if you do it on a regular basis.

      The modified longboard is capable of accelerating from 0 to its top speed of 22Mph in a whisker under four seconds and takes 10 metres from top speed to a standstill. Note: Firebox cannot be held responsible if your body fails to match these figures.

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