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Wow Cup
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Wow Cup

Sip with confidence

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  • Spill free, worry free and hassle free!
  • Revolutionary 360° sealing tech lets you drink from anywhere
  • An effective & healthy alternative to a "sippy" and straw cup
  • Behaves and feels like a regular household cup
  • Made from food safe plastic, 100% BPA and Phthalate free
  • Great for clumsy adults too


Not the laptop! Not the new carpet! Not on my crotch! Prevent these classic spillages and many more forehead-slapping moments with the Wow Cup.

Using a patented 360° sealing technology, this revolutionary cup allows children to pick it up and drink from anywhere around the rim; which then seals automatically until they take their next sip. Meaning they can knock it over and bat it around the room to their hearts content.

It behaves and feels just like a standard household cup; small enough to be handled by dexterous toddlers and large enough to be used by older children without it feeling and looking like a baby cup. And with no spouts or straws to suck on, you'll be side-stepping any potential long-term Orthodontia issues.

Treat your kids (and your house-cleaner) to a Wow Cup and ease their transition to a regular open round cup sooner, without all the endless training sessions and horrendous spills.

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  • "Amazing! A grown up non spill cup at last, that actually encourages correct drinking from a cup rather than sucking."
    Karla - 27th of February, 2015