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Alternative Christmas Gifts

Woven iPhone5 Lightning Cable

Strike a cord

Product not available at the moment.
  • A striking and colourful designer charging solution
  • Don't be a slave to your boring filthy charging cable
  • Available in four bold designs
Behind every bedside table and computer desk lurks a depressing little octopus of grimy grey cables. Sprawled up against the wall it sits there, a blemish in an otherwise perfectly exciting room.

It's time to strike down that tangled humdrum cephalopod with the Woven iPhone5 Lightning Cable. Available in four bold designs, these highly stylish and functional cables are here to inject a much-needed splash of colour and flair into your daily life.

With their distinctive colourful woven finish, they're not only rather intriguing but also a great deal tougher than your standard iPhone cable and distinctly less likely to end up in a tangled ball of hatred.

Don't be a slave to your boring filthy charging cable, throw it away and join the woven cable revolution.

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