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Worst Case Scenario Books

      Worst Case Scenario Books

      Tricky dilemma? Look no further...

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        Anyone who's been on a disastrous date with someone resembling the love-child of Dean Gaffney and Donatella Versace will no doubt have found themselves desperately eyeballing every exit with a view to disappearing through one of them at ramming speed. Worst Case Scenario: Sex and Dating advises caution in such a situation. Why risk embarrassment to yourself when you can slip away quietly, leaving only one party red-faced? It's called damage limitation, don't you know...

        Whatever the sticky scenario, chances are one of the books in the Worst Case Scenario range will have the answer, crammed as they are with advice from respected authorities in a huge range of fields.

        Oh, and did we mention they're an absolutely hilarious read as well? We have now. Sample scenarios include:
        • Surviving a hostage crisis
        • How to preserve a severed limb
        • Avoiding a charging bull
        • How to deal with meeting the parents
        • Survive a fall onto subway tracks
        If you can't find the answer to your particular quandary within the hallowed pages of the Worst Case Scenario books, you've either been very, very stupid, or spectacularly unlucky. Either way, you're screwed...
        The latest addition to the Worst Case lineup is the Christmas Survival Handbook, containing yuletide gems such as how to:
        • Fend off a charging Reindeer
        • Evade a Stampede of Shoppers
        • Extinguish a Burning Turkey
        • Untangle Christmas Tree Lights
        • Explain That There is No Santa

        Check out some sample content:

        How to give a date the slip

        How to unhook a bra

        How to spot a fake orgasm

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