World's Smallest Zoltar
  • World's Smallest Zoltar
  • World's Smallest Zoltar
  • World's Smallest Zoltar

World's Smallest Zoltar

Zoltar, zo’ good!



Expected in stock: 15th Nov, 2019

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World's Smallest Zoltar
Brand spanking NEW
  • Infinite wisdom wherever you are at the touch of a button
  • All the fortune-telling mystery of Zoltar condensed into a tiny box
  • Find out what the future holds for you and all your friends
  • He’s got a light-up crystal ball, people, he means business!
  • Break the ice at parties, everyone will want a fortune


With so much political upheaval and so many technological breakthroughs in our recent past and future, it’s hard to predict what might be in store. Yeah, you could get into astrology or economic forecasting but effort, right? Just let Zoltar handle it, he knows exactly what’s coming next.

The highest concentration of fortune-telling wisdom ever condensed into a small box, Mini Zoltar can tell you what the universe has in store for you at the press of a button. Watch the ‘candles’ flicker and the crystal ball illuminate as he gives you advice for the weeks ahead. It’s truly magical.

Just don’t ask him why he’s trapped inside a tiny box forever if he’s so smart, or he’ll definitely be predicting death in your imminent future.

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