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World's Smallest Quiz
  • World's Smallest Quiz
  • World's Smallest Quiz
  • World's Smallest Quiz

World's Smallest Quiz

Not for small minds

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World's Smallest Quiz
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Long journeys just got a lot more fun
  • Test your brainpower, eyesight and gripping skills
  • Comes with one hundred general knowledge questions
  • Tweezers and magnifying glass included for comedy value
  • Tiny enough to carry on you at all times


It only takes an hour or so in a mundane situation before someone starts suggesting a series of mind-numbing games to relieve the collective boredom. I-spy anyone? How about Animal, Vegetable, Mineral? Rock, paper scissors? Charades? Something??! PLEASE!

You need the World's Smallest Quiz, and here are three more reasons why...

  • It's unbelievably small (the World's smallest, in fact) so there's no excuse not to carry it with you at all times
  • It includes 100 superb general knowledge questions. If every card takes thirty seconds to read and answer – that's half an hour killed!
  • It's a game in itself! Just trying to pick up and read the cards is a challenge
Love really tiny cute stuff? Love testing your brainpower? Hate awkward silences and boring journeys? What are you waiting for?

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