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World's Smallest Etch a Sketch
  • World's Smallest Etch a Sketch
  • World's Smallest Etch a Sketch

World's Smallest Etch a Sketch

Diddy drawings



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World's Smallest Etch a Sketch
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Love it as much as we do?
  • Draw anything anywhere without paper or a pen!
  • Somebody shrunk an Etch A Sketch to adorably diddy proportions
  • Twiddle the knobs to draw anything you want
  • Small enough to take literally anywhere
  • Create amazing, tiny art no matter where you are


Craving a bit of creative action on the go, but can’t be bothered to bust out that 12 piece charcoal pencil set with mechanical sharpener and putty eraser and miniature easel? We feel you.

The solution? The World’s Smallest Etch A Sketch! It’s truly diddy, slipping into even the smallest pocket. Even those weird tiny meta pockets inside the normal pocket of women’s jeans. THAT’s how small this thing is.

Just like the original, you twist the knobs to bring your masterpiece to life and shake to erase it. Magic. Saves you lugging that giant sketchbook around!

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  • "This etch-a-sketch brought back memoriesfor me. I miss the 80s"
    - 7th of September, 2019