World's Smallest Disco
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World's Smallest Disco

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World's Smallest Disco
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  • Turn your desk into a boogie wonderland
  • Contains everything you need to set up Studio 54 anywhere
  • This spinning disco ball plays 60 seconds of groovy beats
  • Complete with holographic dancefloor mat and 4 flashing lights
  • Includes 32-page mini book about the golden age of music


Petition as you may to have a disco ball installed in the reception area, your office is probably not very boogie-friendly. Where’s the light up dancefloor? Why can’t you have some Diana Ross or Barry White instead of Heart or Kiss? What’s unprofessional about wearing jewelled sunglasses indoors all the time?

Forget that, you don’t need complicated ceiling fixtures or superior permission to turn your desk into a disco. Just pop this bad boy out and give the ball a spin to help your boogie-dreams Stay Alive anywhere. You’re a mere button press away from 60 seconds of groovy music, 4 flashing lights and one beautiful glittering disco ball that really spins. It’s practically Studio 54 in a box!

Metallic flares and platform shoes may not be acceptable work attire but nobody can stop you busting a private move on your own miniature dancefloor. Except maybe your boss. What a square.

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