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World's Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaner

Filthy rich, spotless carpet

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  • At last, you can clean your house like the rich and famous
  • Who are we kidding? You'll get one of your many servants to use it
  • Ideal for red carpets, yacht decks and stretch-limousine interiors
  • Shiny 24k gold plating – probably needs its own cleaner
Ever wondered how really, really, really, really rich people spend their time?

Well it’s a little known fact that once they’ve moored the yacht at the marina, they’ll often drive one of their 216 vintage super-cars to the airstrip and take the personal jet to the secluded 600 room mansion on the private tropical island, and then they’ll take the World’s Most Expensive Vacuum Cleaner out of the closet, and do some vacuuming.

That’s right. Even the mind-bogglingly wealthy like a bit of therapeutic cleaning, and the main difference is that when they clean, they use an £800000, 24k gold-plated, high-performance vacuum to do it. Perfect for picking up loose bundles of cash, stocks and bonds or any leftover blood-diamonds that might be lying about.

So if you’re a clean-freak reading this on route to your luxury space station or you just won the lottery and need some spring cleaning, we’re waiting for your call. If not, move along, there’s nothing to see here.
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