World's Largest Sphero
  • World's Largest Sphero
  • World's Largest Sphero
  • World's Largest Sphero

World's Largest Sphero

Bigger is better

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  • Over 2500x the size of the original Sphero
  • Easily controlled by your mobile device or tablet
  • Custom painted with a high-impact polycarbonate shell
  • Drive it, play games, entertain animals just like a regular Sphero
  • Reaches speeds faster than most humans can run
  • So big, it's practically got its own atmosphero
  • Straddle it and pretend you're Miley Cyrus
  • Use it to re-enact high-octane scenes from Indiana Jones


Pay-cheques. Televisions. McDonald's food. Butts. It doesn't take a genius to realise that as a rule of thumb, bigger is better. So much better. Presumably this is why the geniuses at Orbotrix thought it would be a grand idea to create the World's Largest Sphero.

Blessed with all the features of the original that we know and love; you can still control it with your mobile device or tablet, take it for a quick spin, play games, entertain your pets, and a whole lot more – it's just like the original Sphero, only much much much bigger. 2500x bigger in fact.

Capable of reaching speeds faster than most humans can run, the World's Largest Sphero is certainly not your average robotic ball. Standing proudly at just under a metre tall and weighing in at a monstrous 70kg, this rolling leviathan will crush just about anything it encounters, leaving a glorious path of destruction in its wake.

Looking for all the world like it's straight out of a military science lab, each of these highly limited edition robots are carefully hand-assembled and encased in a custom painted, high-impact polycarbonate shell for ultimate durability. Mechanically, the innards of this super-sized beast are essentially just a scaled up Sphero – with two motors controlled by a Sphero board that then communicates with your smart device via Bluetooth.

If you've got heaps of cash to spare, or a garden full of playful mountain lions, or if you just have a thing for oversized and powerful balls – the World's Largest Sphero is for you.
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