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World's Largest Crossword
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World's Largest Crossword

Word up (and down and across)

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    When it comes to word puzzles we're pretty clueless. We've never guessed the Countdown conundrum (well there's nothing else on apart from Columbo repeats when you're taking a sickie, is there?). And as for crosswords, given a newspaper and a pen, we'd sooner doodle moustaches and rotten teeth on world leaders than attempt a cryptic clue.

    World's Largest Crossword But all this was before we clapped eyes on the awe-inspiring World's Largest Crossword. The clue's in the name, because at 49 sq ft this vast puzzle is indeed the largest crossword ever produced. With over 28,000 clues and 91,000 squares it really is a sight to behold. But more than that it's a seriously entertaining puzzle that no wannabe wordsmith should be without. And even if crosswords leave you cold, this behemoth brainteaser will keep you utterly riveted as it is, quite literally, impossible to ignore.

    World's Largest Crossword Spanning a mighty 7ftx7ft, the World's Largest Crossword can be spread across the floor, stuck on the wall or folded for traditional tabletop solving. Handy, as facing this gargantuan puzzle in all its unfurled glory can be somewhat daunting. The clues come via an accompanying 104-page book and are described as easy to moderate. Quite possibly but we're still struggling with the word search game in last year's Bob the Builder annual.

    World's Largest Crossword The World's Largest Crossword can take months to complete so it's an ideal distraction for anyone who thinks they have a way with words. Better still, because it's so big, you can team up with a few friends to try and complete it. As well as some rather devious clues the puzzle's obvious challenge lies in its size, as you always have to consider the bigger picture; one small section can take hours to complete but once you start you'll find it impossible to disengage your brain and put your pen down. It really is that addictive. Which isn't surprising because unlike many of today's micro brainteasers the World's Largest Crossword is big and it is clever!

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