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World's Largest Coffee Cup
  • World's Largest Coffee Cup

World's Largest Coffee Cup

We’re gonna need a bigger biscuit

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    In order to survive, we humans need a constant supply of oxygen, water, nutrients and fresh coffee. Which explains our many trips to and from the kettle every day. But just think of all the time you’ve wasted making cups of coffee – especially when you’re getting a round in for the whole office.

    From tired to wired in one cup:
    Tired Butters
    Drinking Butters
    Wired Butters
    Well we’ve found a canny way to dodge the tea run and get your week’s supply of coffee all in one go. The World’s Largest Coffee Cup holds a whopping 20 cups (19 with milk) of the caffeinated wonderstuff. Just fill it to the brim and retreat to your desk, smug in the knowledge you won’t need to get up again for at least a week.

    We know what you’re thinking – yes, it’s porcelain. So it looks and feels great, and will even go in the dishwasher. In fact, we might just use it to eat a week’s worth of cereal, ice cream or instant noodles while we’re at it. Now that’s drinking smart.

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