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World Tube Map
  • World Tube Map
  • World Tube Map
  • World Tube Map

World Tube Map

Around the world in 80 stations

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  • Ideal for map lovers and long-distance commuters alike
  • Ingenius and minimalist design
  • Available framed or unframed


You're quietly enjoying a bowl of warm Moussaka in Athens when you suddenly fancy a high-stakes gambling spree. Not a problem, just hop on the Cross Central line to Las Vegas!

Michael Tompsett presents this imaginative interpretation of the World as a Tube/Metro/Underground/Subway/'whatever you like to call it' Map. The cities are the stations, it's genius.

Like the majority of tube maps, this print isn't 100% geographically accurate – cleverly retaining a schematic style whilst leaving the countries and continents in a recognisable form.

Available framed or unframed, this clever conceptual print is perfect for map lovers and long-distance commuters alike.

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