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World Poker Tour Card Shuffler Set
  • World Poker Tour Card Shuffler Set

World Poker Tour Card Shuffler Set

Mix, mingle and merge - at the push of a button

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    As the popularity of poker continues to sky-rocket we decided to go in search of a few accessories to complement your all-round playing experience. And although we failed to find a single device that guarantees victory (well, apart from that six shooter), we did discover the incredibly handy World Poker Tour Card Shuffler.

    Endorsed by the governing body of everyone's favourite poker tournament, this nifty battery-operated gizmo will thoroughly shuffle one or two decks of standard size cards faster than you can say 'Oi, you flippin' cheat'.

    Because, let's be honest, if someone shuffles like David Copperfield on caffeine you tend to suspect them of foul play. But if someone shuffles like a fumbling oaf wearing invisible boxing gloves you still tend to suspect them of foul play. Poker is about bluffing, after all. That's why the WPT Card Shuffler is so effective, as it eliminates suspicion. Almost.

    The WPT Card Shuffler also cuts down the time it takes to play a round. Just think, never again will you be forced to endure the maladroit shuffling of incompetent players. Even better, you won't have to watch dull displays by show off shufflers that take longer than the game itself. Just load the cards, push the button and hey presto!

    Of course this smart little gizmo wouldn't be much use without some cards to shuffle, so it comes complete with two, yes two, decks of WPT Bee Playing Cards. And yes, they're the high quality ones that all the pros use. In fact, if ownership of the WPT Card Shuffler doesn't mark you out as a serious poker-head, nothing will. Every time we see the one in the Firebox Hotel & Casino in action we keep expecting to see Plenty O'Toole blowing on James Bond's dice as Deano serenades Danny Ocean. In fact, the chic WPT Card Shuffler is guaranteed to add that genuine Vegas vibe to any card playing scenario. Look ma, no hands!

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