World Flag Designer Throws
  • World Flag Designer Throws

World Flag Designer Throws

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    Wear your flag with pride

    Aren’t flags great? When they’re not being plonked on the Moon or stretched around Ginger Spice they flutter above embassies and brighten up sporting events across the globe. And that’s a shame because they also look great draped across furniture, hanging on walls, adorning sun loungers and covering up botties and bits. Enter, with a patriotic fanfare, World Flags.

    Handmade in 100% cotton, these heavy duty flags have been created with pole-less patriots in mind. Hang ‘em on the wall, drape ‘em across the sofa or lounge on ‘em down the park. They even double up as eye-catching sarongs or frankly ridiculous capes. Oversized safety pin included.

    If none of the above appeal, you can always conform to cliché and wave your World Flag at rugby matches, Grands Prix, Olympic events, music festivals and more. (Football temporarily omitted due to abject embarrassment/‘Don’t mention the score’ policy). Making a bold jingoistic statement has never been easier.
    Description Description Description

    A large choice of designs

    Can be used as a decorative throw

    All individually handmade

    Packaged in a funky wooden box adorned with unique national artwork, each World Flag measures 147x89cm and features authentic frayed edges and visible stitching. Choose from the Union Flag, the Stars and Stripes, Il Tricolore and the Jamaican Flag. We’ve even got a rebellious but historically inaccurate Pirate design for all you heavy metallers and scurvy sea dogs. Aaaarrr.


    Union Flag



    United States



    A great gift for vexillologists (flag scholars, silly) and anyone who appreciates the iconic impact of a great flag, World Flags are guaranteed to reignite your national pride/piratical fervour. So don’t just sit there humming your national anthem, get ordering and fly the flag.

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